Thursday, November 19, 2009

Universal studios singapore admission price

Continuing from yesterday...

The price for admission may seem a lot for a theme park, but in fact, the admission price is actually on par, if not lower than other theme parks around the world.

Here is a list for comparison:

Universal Studios Singapore S$66 (Non peak adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Osaka 5800 yen, about S$89.93 (Adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Orlando US$73, about S$101.12 (Adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Hollywood US$69, about S$95.58 (Buy one day get one free adult pass)

Hong Kong Disneyland, HK$350, about S$62.55 (Adult one day pass)
Hong Kong Ocean park, HK$250, about S$44.68 (Adult one day pass)

Escape theme park Singapore, S$17.70 (Adult one day pass)

So as you can see, the admission price for Universal Studios Singapore is on par with, or even cheaper than major theme parks such as the Universal Studios theme parks, Disney theme parks etc.

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