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Jurassic park river rapids map

This is the layout for Jurassic Park River Rapids. Image belongs to respective owners.

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Top 7 most Anticipated attractions at Universal Studios Singapore

Number 7 - Donkey live!
This attraction is highly anticipated by me as the technology involved in it is cool. It will feature never seem before technology where the visitors will be able to interact real time with a movie quality, instantly generated Donkey from Shrek. Donkey will sing and dance, and it is guaranteed to be an instant hit with families.

Number 6 -Lights! Cameras! Action!
Hosted by Steven Spielberg, guests can be blown away by the filmmakers incredible special effects as an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City. It is just so cool and it will give movie lovers a glimpse into the world of movie making.

Number 5 - Revenge of the Mummy
This ride is a milestone in Universal Studios' line of attractions. Since its inception in Florida. This ride is based on the Mummy franchise of movies. It is an amazing mix of story telling and thrill ride in an indoor roller coaster. What is even more exciting is that each time Universal Studios built this ride, they will change some part of it to add some surprise to it. What is more exciting is that there is an entire them land based on the Egyptian theme.

Number 4 - Jurassic Park River Adventure
This attraction is fun, highly themed and wet! It will be a family friendly ride where families will go on it together to create unique memories. The ride system and ride vehicle is also unique and it has never been used before in Universal Studios theme parks around the world.

Number 3 - Madagascar: A crate adventure
This attraction is family friendly, it is based on a hit movie, and the second installment of this franchise has just been released, so there is renewed interest for the whole franchise. It has great potential to be the attraction with the longest queue and also with the biggest merchandise potential. The ride is a combination of mulit media materials and physical settings, which makes it a unique attraction.

Number 2 - Battlestar Galactica Cyclone
This coaster is simply cool. Here are some figures to prove my point
  • It will be the tallest dueling coaster in the world; tipping at 42.5m (140ft).
  • The coaster will be launched from their stations at high speed instead of the traditional chain lift.
  • Each coaster feature either several inversions, a zero-g roll, a Cobra roll, corkscrews, vertical loops and near collisions mere inches apart.
  • Part of the ride will take place over a lagoon.
The Cylons Coaster will travel on a space craft that will perform more intense manoeuvres such as one inverted loop, one cobra roll and one helix spiral. The Cylon coaster will also plunge into a 5-metre deep pit filled with artificial fog to give thrill seekers the sensation of a near miss with the ground. Also, imagine viewing the skyline of Singapore when on the highest point of the coaster, before dipping into darkness. The views on this coaster will be spectacular.

Number 1 - Transformers: The ride
Universal has not released a lot of details, but it will be a dark ride (ride-through attraction) with 3-D, high-definition projected images, 4-D sensory and special effects, and large-scale animatronic characters. This ride based on such a hit movie and empo=loying such cutting edge technology earns itself a spot on the Top 7 most Anticipated attractions.

Jurassic Park River Rapids

Update! Click here for the article on the Lost World Land in Universal Studios Singapore.

Link to Jurassic Park River Rapids ride layout

Latest! Ride storyline out!

Jurassic Park River Rapids is located in the Lost World area,at the back of the park. It is based on the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg.

It is a re-imagining of the classic Universal Studios attraction Jurassic Park River adventure, located in the other Universal Studios theme parks around the world.

Ride Storyline

You will enter the ride through the queue building, where you will be told that you will take the boat down river, seeing some dinosaurs along the way and then you will exit your boat and then go up close and feed the dinosaurs.

The ride will start in a seemingly calm area of Jurassic park. As it goes deeper into the river, visitors will spot different dinosaurs grazing in the grass. This part of the ride is a leisurely cruise through the Jurassic Park. Soon, the rapid reached the dock to disembark.

At that moment, it is where things go wrong. There is suddenly a flesh flood in the dock and your vehicle is unable to unload the visitors. The electric fences have broken down and the boat is washed under the fence further, deeper into the wild and un-manicured area of the Jurassic Park.

Just then, you will spot some T rex eating the remains of another dinosaur. Then, you will spot dinosaurs hiding behind the wild bushes. The leaves and brunches will rustle and cries of the dinosaurs will be heard. The cries will be louder and seem to come from bigger dinosaurs.

Without you noticing it, you have entered the T-rex territory. This part of the ride will be a wild journey through rushing waters and the thick foliage of the Jurassic Park river. There will be many close shaves with the T rex. You will encounter a beautiful waterfall, before being sucked into the intake vale of the river. Suddenly, your vehicle will be thrust into total darkness. You will hear the sound of the T rex sneaking up on you, and one point, the T rex will pop out in the middle of the river. Just then, your vehicle stops in the middle of the river, and you will hear the cranking of motors. Your vehicle is being lifted vertically out of the water. And as you look above, the T rex is jumping from the top of the motor lift. Just before he eats you, your vehicle drops down and splashes back into the daylight.

It has been a close shave with the T rex. Your vehicle will float back to the loading/ unloading area and you will disembark from your vehicle. You have survived Jurassic Park Singapore!

This is the rough storyline of Jurassic Park River Rapids, although some of the details may vary from the final version. I particularity like the false unloading area as it adds an element of surprise to the ride and differentiates it from the other incarnations of the ride around the world. I also like the ride vehicle, which is a circular white-water raftish thing. As it is circular, the vehicle will spin while gushing through the rivers, adding a thrill element to it.

This is also a good way it get wet and acts as an escape to the tropical heat of Singapore. I believe that this will be one of the mot popular attractions of Universal Studios Singapore.

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Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood area

This will be a series of ongoing articles about the 7 themed lands and rides in Universal Studios Singapore. Pictures belongs to respective owners.

Continuing from the previous post...

The major attraction you will find in this area is the Monstrocity show. It is unique to Universal Studios Singapore. It is housed in the replica of the Pantages Theater of LA, USA.

It is a live show, featuring 7 singers and dancers produced locally. This is an original show never seen before in any Universal Studios park.

It features the Universal classic monsters: Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, and some new character such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. (For your information, they are one character ie. Dr Jekyll by day, Mr Hyde by night.)

It is a live rock and roll musical on stage in a 1500 seat theatre capable of handling major Broadway shows.

Dinning and Retail

Here's a list of some of the dining you may find in the Hollywood area:

Hollywood Universal Studios Store Retail The flagship store of the entire park,
it offers a wide variety of themed
collectibles, toys and apparel from
all 7 zones. It will be really interesting
to shop here as all the merchandise
are all sold here at once

Hollywood Superstar Candies Retail A candy store which focuses on selling
sweets to visitors such as candy
floss and homemade fudge.

Hollywood Silver Screen Collectibles Retail A retail outlet offering celebrity photos
and posters, collectibles, books, as well
as Betty Boop™ themed souvenirs and
apparel. A very good tie-in to the area
and enhances the theme of the area.

Hollywood Star Characters Retail A retail outlet selling exclusive
merchandise of DreamWorks Animation
characters like Alex the Lion, Gloria the
Hippo, Marty the Zebra and Melman the
Giraffe and don't forget those crazy
May not be the best location. I think it
will fit better in the Madagascar land.

Hollywood The Brown Derby Retail At Hollywood's famed hat-shaped
landmark, guests can shop for
headwear of all types including visors,
character and novelty hats
and wigs, Universal Studios® logo caps
and other stylish lids.
However, the real Brown Derby in LA is
a food and beverage restaurant rather
than a shop selling merchandise, so it
would be interesting to see how Universal
will pull the whole thing together.

Hollywood That's a Wrap Retail A retail outlet by the theme park exit and
pick up apparel, toys, novelty hats and
other last minute souvenirs. Good idea
to earn a few more bucks from visitors
at the end of the day.
However, the problem that may arise is
that visitors, after spending a whole day
at the park may not have the interest and
the energy to visit another shop and buy

Hollywood Mel's Drive-In Food and Beverage From the hit movie American Graffiti, this
'50s drive-in serves up burgers and cokes
the old-fashioned way and features golden
oldies on the jukebox and delicious Burgers,
Fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers,
Onion Rings, Root Bear Floats and Frosty
Milk Shakes.Nice building to add to the Hollywood atmosphere.
I also think that the waterfront location of the
restaurant is perfect and adds to the romantic
ambiance of the restaurant.

Hollywood Hollywood China Bistro Food and Beverage Guests and feast on traditional Cantonese
cuisine with a modern twist in an art deco
Chinese restaurant setting straight out of
a Hollywood movie set. This will cater to
the taste buds of the mainly Asian crowd
at the Universal Studios Singapore.
However, the question is: Will Asians
want to eat another Asian cuisine in an
American park, or will they want a more
American food option?

Hollywood Celebrity Café and Bakery Food and Beverage Guests can dine with stars over
freshly-made sandwiches, puff pastry
pies and classic desserts.

Adapted from Wikipedia

There are also street appearances in the Hollywood area. Here is my few favorite characters from the entire list of street characters in Universal Studios Singapore.

  • Frankenstein's Monster - One of the most famous movie characters in history, the creature is a sensitive, emotional being, which is depicted as mute. The creature discovers feelings through childlike interactions. The Monster is a symbol of a lumbering brute, with arms outstretched. This will add to the overall theming of the Mostrocity show.

  • Marilyn Monroe - The subtle, sexy American icon. Ties in very well with the golden age of Hollywood theme of the Hollywood area.

  • Charlie Chaplin The Oscar winning Silent Screen icon during The Tramp period of his career. Ties in very well with the golden age of Hollywood theme of the Hollywood area.

  • BeetleJuice - The “ghost with the most” possesses minds, bodies and souls - making him the ultimate puppet master. This obnoxious and slightly perverted "bio-exorcist” revels in his grotesque appearance. The character's history is a mystery; his age and even how he came to die remain unknown. Also fits in well with the Mostrocity show.

  • Betty Boop - With her sex symbol appeal, combined with girl-like persona, this vibrant young woman (with a childlike voice) has more heart than brains. It is a cartoon character that adds to the quirkiness of this area.

Adapted from Wikipedia

Watch out for new articles on the other lands.

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Universal studios singapore admission price

Continuing from yesterday...

The price for admission may seem a lot for a theme park, but in fact, the admission price is actually on par, if not lower than other theme parks around the world.

Here is a list for comparison:

Universal Studios Singapore S$66 (Non peak adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Osaka 5800 yen, about S$89.93 (Adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Orlando US$73, about S$101.12 (Adult one day pass)
Universal Studios Hollywood US$69, about S$95.58 (Buy one day get one free adult pass)

Hong Kong Disneyland, HK$350, about S$62.55 (Adult one day pass)
Hong Kong Ocean park, HK$250, about S$44.68 (Adult one day pass)

Escape theme park Singapore, S$17.70 (Adult one day pass)

So as you can see, the admission price for Universal Studios Singapore is on par with, or even cheaper than major theme parks such as the Universal Studios theme parks, Disney theme parks etc.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Universal studios singapore admission price

The admission prices for Universal Studios Singapore is out. The ticket for Monday to Friday is S$66 for an adult, that is 13 and above, S$48 for a child, which is 4-11 years old, and S$ 32 for a senior citizen, that is age 65 and above.

On blackout dates, that is weekends, Public holidays, eve of public holidays and super-peak periods, the price is as follows: S$75 for an adult, S$ 52 for a child and S$36 for a senior citizen.

The price for a two-day pass is S$ 118 for adult, S$ 88 for a child and S$58 for a senior citizen. Special point to note is that two-day passes are for two consecutive days.

Express pass is S$ 30 for a weekday (non-school holidays & non Black-out dates), S$48 for a school holiday weekday, and S$ 68 for the weekends and black out dates. Express pass is an add-on option that allows you to "skip the queue" to all attractions. It is equivalent to fastpass in Disney parks around the world, but you will have to pay for the express pass. It is an add on, which means you need to buy the standard ticket first, and on top of that , buy this express pass to "skip the queue".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood area

This will be a series of ongoing articles about the 7 themed lands and rides in Universal Studios Singapore. Pictures courtesy of Universal Studios Singapore Press Conference.

The Hollywood area of Universal Studios Singapore will to the entrance to the park, and it will also be the area that sends guests off after a day in the parks. This lively area will be reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood where movie making is the most glamorous business and Hollywood is literally the crossroads of the world.

The entrance of the theme land will be a lively center of activity place, between the junction of Universal Studios Singapore entrance, the Sentosa LRT station and the festive walk entrance. The entrance plaza is where you can get your pictures taken with the characters in front of the signature Universal Studios globe.

What is so special about this area is that there are shade covers on the street to protect the visitors from the heat and the rain of the Singapore weather. There are also going to be air coolers which is going to blow in cool air to keep the temperature comfortable all year round.

The Hollywood Boulevard will be reflective of the classical 1940's Hollywood. The street here at Universal Studios Singapore will be recreated complete with the art deco buildings. street lamps, parking meters, down to the last detail, just like shooting for a feature film on location.

At night, the Hollywood Boulevard will be illuminated in a whole new light.

Tomorrow, I will continue with the rides and attractions, the character appearances and the merchandise in this area.

Pictures belongs to respective owners.

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What we got VS what we could have gotten

Before the announcement of Universal Studios Singapore map, we had a rumored list of attractions. Now as the confirmed list is out, it is interesting to note how many attractions survived the "cut" and how many did not make it.

Here is the rumored list dated 5th July:

* A yet to be named Dueling roller coaster, featuring an Inverted Track and a Sit Down Track
* Journey to Madagascar
* Dreamworks Digital Animation Studios
* Shrek 4-D
* Back To The Future: The Ride
* King Kong
* Revenge of the Mummy
* Incredible Hulk Coaster
* The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
* Jurassic Park River Adventure
* Twister...Ride it Out
* Waterworld
* The Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift
* Wicked
* Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time
* Sesame Street 4-D
* E.T. Adventure
* Backdraft
* The Simpsons Ride

And this, is the confirmed list of attractions we got:

*Pantages Hollywood Theater
*Lights! Cameras! Action!
*Stage 28
*Battlestar Galactica Blue line
*Battlestar Galactica Red line
*Revenge of Mummy
*Treasure Hunters
*Canopy Flyer
*Jurassic Park Rapids
*Amber Rock Climb
*Dino Soarin'
*Shrek 4D
*Donkey Live!
*Enchanted Airways
*Magic Portion Spin
*Crate Adventure
*King Julien Beach go-round

So which are the attractions that got cut?

Dreamworks Animation Studios-
I would really like to see this attraction in the dreamworks area. This will allow us to have a peak into how Dreamworks make their movies, and get us all excited for the next big dreamworks movie. How cool is that!

Back to the future the ride-

For this attraction, I have heard mixed reviews. It has also been dated out in the other parks around the world and replaced by Simpsons. However, one thing I would like to see is that how they uses the IMAX dome to create the immersive experience. This would be so cool. But however, I do come to realise that Back to the future is a dated film, and not many people from the new generation know about it. Therefore, I applaud Universal Studios for cutting it from the final attraction list and replacing it with new, unseen attractions based on new movies.

King Kong-
For this attraction, I have no idea which version it will follow, whether the Kongfrontation version, or the new 4D version.

Kongfrontation-Guests ride on a tram and view the destruction by King Kong on New York, with a close encounter with King Kong.
4D version-The attraction will have Tour guests don 4-D glasses while the tram enters a sound stage.

Kongfrontation allows visitors to look at real recreated version of New York streets, with a real animatronics King Kong. While the new 4D version is cool as it combines film elements with physical ride system. As King Kong is always a classic, everyone will recognize it, and it will serve as a perfect fit for the New York Streets of Universal Studios Singapore, hence this ride will be on my wish list.

Incredible Hulk Coaster
This ride looks cool and is intense and it is based on a all time favorite marvel character. However, it is a huge bulky steel coaster and it may compete with the battlestar Galactica coaster if it is built.

Adventures of Spiderman
Just one word-Breathtaking. Such a pity we didn't get it. Here is a Youtube version of the ride:

Jurassic Park River Adventure
Well, we got the river rapids version of this ride, which is even better (I hope).

Twister Ride

Amazing technology, but based on an outdated movie. Feel no regret when it got cut.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

I don't know what this ride is about, but I am visualizing it as a race car experience through the city streets. It would be so cool.

A musical extravaganza based on Wizard of Oz, showing in the Japan Universal Studios. Although we did not get this attraction, we got the Universal Monsters Show.

Terminator 3D

Cool movie, really like to see it coming to Universal Studios Singapore. However, it may not really appeal to the younger generation or the older generation.

Sesame Street 4-D

This will really appeal to the younger age group, and a 4D show based on such a celebrated classic is worth seeing! Really sad that we did not get it. No attraction in Universal Studios Singapore now caters to the same age group as the Sesame Street attraction, so Universal Studios Singapore may not really cater to toddlers and preschoolers.

ET Adventure

Again, ET is a relatively old movie, and people may not be all that excited to see ET as a ride.


Not a recent movie, hence people may not remeber it or even know about it.

Simpsons Ride

Really fun filled ride, but somehow got cut in the process. This ride will cater to people of all generations and I really wish it will be built.

In conclusion, many of the unbuilt rides are all rides based on older movies and are not so up to date technologically as well. The reality is that in the film making business, movies that are only 10 years old are considered as old and only the new and headliner movies will capture the viewer's attention, hence the attractions in Universal Studios Singapore must be based on new and huge films to get people to better enjoy it.

Also, I applaud Universal Studios Singapore for not lifting existing rides wholesale, but instead taking on the challenge and designing new attractions that will cater to generations to come.

All pictures and artworks belongs to respective owners.