Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jurassic Park River Rapids

Update! Click here for the article on the Lost World Land in Universal Studios Singapore.

Link to Jurassic Park River Rapids ride layout

Latest! Ride storyline out!

Jurassic Park River Rapids is located in the Lost World area,at the back of the park. It is based on the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg.

It is a re-imagining of the classic Universal Studios attraction Jurassic Park River adventure, located in the other Universal Studios theme parks around the world.

Ride Storyline

You will enter the ride through the queue building, where you will be told that you will take the boat down river, seeing some dinosaurs along the way and then you will exit your boat and then go up close and feed the dinosaurs.

The ride will start in a seemingly calm area of Jurassic park. As it goes deeper into the river, visitors will spot different dinosaurs grazing in the grass. This part of the ride is a leisurely cruise through the Jurassic Park. Soon, the rapid reached the dock to disembark.

At that moment, it is where things go wrong. There is suddenly a flesh flood in the dock and your vehicle is unable to unload the visitors. The electric fences have broken down and the boat is washed under the fence further, deeper into the wild and un-manicured area of the Jurassic Park.

Just then, you will spot some T rex eating the remains of another dinosaur. Then, you will spot dinosaurs hiding behind the wild bushes. The leaves and brunches will rustle and cries of the dinosaurs will be heard. The cries will be louder and seem to come from bigger dinosaurs.

Without you noticing it, you have entered the T-rex territory. This part of the ride will be a wild journey through rushing waters and the thick foliage of the Jurassic Park river. There will be many close shaves with the T rex. You will encounter a beautiful waterfall, before being sucked into the intake vale of the river. Suddenly, your vehicle will be thrust into total darkness. You will hear the sound of the T rex sneaking up on you, and one point, the T rex will pop out in the middle of the river. Just then, your vehicle stops in the middle of the river, and you will hear the cranking of motors. Your vehicle is being lifted vertically out of the water. And as you look above, the T rex is jumping from the top of the motor lift. Just before he eats you, your vehicle drops down and splashes back into the daylight.

It has been a close shave with the T rex. Your vehicle will float back to the loading/ unloading area and you will disembark from your vehicle. You have survived Jurassic Park Singapore!

This is the rough storyline of Jurassic Park River Rapids, although some of the details may vary from the final version. I particularity like the false unloading area as it adds an element of surprise to the ride and differentiates it from the other incarnations of the ride around the world. I also like the ride vehicle, which is a circular white-water raftish thing. As it is circular, the vehicle will spin while gushing through the rivers, adding a thrill element to it.

This is also a good way it get wet and acts as an escape to the tropical heat of Singapore. I believe that this will be one of the mot popular attractions of Universal Studios Singapore.

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  1. Sounds interesting!!! Being a big fan of the Jurassic Park movie series and since I'm staying in Singapore, I can't wait for Universal Studios Singapore to open so I can go to the Jurassic Park River Rapids ride!!!!