Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What we got VS what we could have gotten (revisited)

Three years back, I wrote an article regarding the attractions that we could have gotten vs the attractions that we actually got. With the 3rd year anniversary of USS, it's definitely time to see if we have any updated to the list.

Below is the rumored list published in 2007/2008 regarding the attractions planned for USS:

* A yet to be named Dueling roller coaster, featuring an Inverted Track and a Sit Down Track
* Journey to Madagascar
* Dreamworks Digital Animation Studios
* Shrek 4-D
* Back To The Future: The Ride
* King Kong
* Revenge of the Mummy
* Incredible Hulk Coaster
* The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
* Jurassic Park River Adventure
* Twister...Ride it Out
* Waterworld
* The Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift
* Wicked
* Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time
* Sesame Street 4-D
* E.T. Adventure
* Backdraft
* The Simpsons Ride
*Stage 28

Below is the list of attractions we actually got:

*Pantages Hollywood Theater
*Lights! Cameras! Action!
*Sesame Street Spagetti Chase
*Battlestar Galactica Blue line
*Battlestar Galactica Red line
*Revenge of Mummy
*Treasure Hunters
*Canopy Flyer
*Jurassic Park Rapids
*Amber Rock Climb
*Dino Soarin'
*Shrek 4D
*Donkey Live!
*Enchanted Airways
*Magic Portion Spin
*Crate Adventure
*King Julien Beach go-round

So what did not make the cut?

Dreamworks Animation Studios, Stage 28
This attraction is rumored to be a "behind the scenes" look into the Dreamworks animation studios, showing visitors the inner workings of the animation process. However, this attraction got cut, probably due to licensing issues, as well as problems with guest appeal.

A certain iteration of this studios made it into the final stages of planning, in the form of Stage 28. Stage 28 was supposed to be an attraction that allowed visitors a peek into the magic of movie making, as well as transport visitors into various memorable scenes of Universal Studios movies.

Stage 28 survived for a very long time on the "coming soon" list. However, on May 2012, it was announced that Stage 28 will be replaced with Sesame Street Spagetti Chase ride. This move was probably done to increase the marketing appeal, and to cater to the young demographics of visitors.

Back to the Future Ride, Simpsons Ride
These two rides are simulator rides, where visitors board simulation vehicles placed in front of IMAX screens. These are spectacular, big-budgeted attractions, that are huge crowd drawers. However, I suppose Back to the Future got cut as it is a 20-30 year old franchise, while the Simpsons Ride got cut due to licensing issues with FOX studios.

I am going to predict that the next attraction to be built by USS will be a simulation ride like Back to the Future or Simpsons, as the park is lacking such an attraction.

Backdraft, Twister
These two are special effects shows that give guests a peek into the special effects used in Hollywood blockbuster movies. Although these two attractions got cut, we got Lights Camera Action Hosted by Steven Spielburg. LCA by Steven Spielburg is a similar attraction that utilized physical special effects to give guest the feeling of the "Storm of the Century".

ET Adventure, Sesame Street 4D
These two attractions are targeted at the 3-10 years old age group. Although these attractions got cut, certain elements from them remained on the drawing board, and finally made their way into the Sesame Street ride.

ET Adventure utilized a hanging overhead rail system to simulate the feeling of flying on ET's enchanted bicycle. The current Sesame Street adventure also utilizes the same ride technology.

Adventures of Spiderman
This is an attraction located in Orlando and Osaka, and it is basically a 4D simulation ride through the streets of New York. Although we did not get this attraction, we got Transformers, which can be considered the 2nd Generation version of this ride. The ride technology is the same, and the storylines are also roughly similar.

A condensed version of the hit Broadway musical. This attraction got cut probably because of the limited appeal as well as licensing issues with Universal Theatrical.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, Terminator 2 3D, King Kong
These 3 attractions cater to an age range that Universal Studios Singapore currently misses. The teen 16-30 year old crowd will love these 3 attractions. However, currently in USS, we do not have any of these attractions that appeal to this crowd.

I am going to predict that the next attraction announced for Universal Studios Singapore will be a attraction based on a film property of the 16-30 age demographics.

So, in conclusion, I must say that although we could have gotten many other amazing attractions, the current line-up of attractions are actually very well thought-out and carefully planned to cater to most of the age demographics and bring in the "marketing muscles".