Saturday, December 19, 2009

Universal Studios Singapore Ancient Eygpt

Imagine walking with Pharaohs. Imagine the grandeur and the splendor of ancient Egypt coming to life once again. Imagine the luxury of an era long gone. Imagine the culture and the complexity of this magnificent civilization brought to life before your very eyes.

Imagine no more.

Meet Universal Studio Singapore's most exotic, and culturally rich land, Ancient Egypt. This land is the home of 2 mega attractions, The Revenge of the Mummy and the Treasure Hunters. This two attractions cater to all ages. Now add this two attraction to a wide array of shops and dining (or should I say feasting) options, spice it up with some authentic theming elements, and you get one of the most picturesque land. This land really brings story telling to a brand new level, where you are in a giant movie set and you are the actors, making memories and having fun.

The story of this theme land is that you are the archeologist who discovered the ancient ruins of an Egyptian civilization, and this land completely does that. That explains why there is the Treasure Hunters ride, which is the jeep that you, the archeologist sits on to excavate the ruins. While is Mummy coaster is the centerpiece of the land, and the entire ruin is built around the tomb of the Mummy.

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