Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming, so this is my Christmas Wish List for Universal Studios Singapore.

So if Santa is reading, please seriously consider my wishes.

Number 1 No crowds.
Although I hope that Universal Studios Singapore will be popular, huge mobs of crowds will not only spoil the whole experience, but it will also ruin all the fun of Universal Studios Singapore.

Number 2 A Nightly Fireworks/ Lagoon Spectacular.
Like all good theme parks, Universal Studios Singapore should have a lagoon/fireworks show to keep the guests in for the night and to cap off the guests' experience. Given that Universal Studios Singapore already have a lagoon, adding a lagoon show will be easy.

Number 3 A Halloween Party/Event.
The american versions of Universal Studios have it. It is a hard-ticketed event where there will be fun houses, haunted houses, temporary attractions etc that brings Halloween attractions to a whole new level.

Number 4 Constant updates and refurbishments.
As you know, movies are one of the easiest things to get outdated, so I wish that there will be refurbishments and expansions on new movies, and old attractions based on outdated movies will be swapped out.

Number 5 Local passes/ Annual passes.
All the other Universal Studios have local resident passes or annual passes, where there will be a discounted price for people who will come very often. This is very important as in order to keep the locals coming after their first visit. And living in Singapore, I hope there will be a discount for us.

To be continued...

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