Friday, December 25, 2009

The Lost World Area

This will be a series of ongoing articles about the 7 themed lands and rides in Universal Studios Singapore. Pictures courtesy of Universal Studios Singapore Press Conference.

Jurassic Park trilogy will be brought to life in this unique area of Universal Studios Singapore. Life sized dinosaurs will be authentically recreated in this area. This is the largest theme land in the whole of Universal Studios Singapore, with 5 Unique attractions, 4 of which never seen before in other Universal Studios. This land is highly immersive, with lush vegetation and recreated structures from Steven Spielberg's hit movie.

The 5 attractions in this area are:
-Jurassic Park River Rapids
-Canopy Flyer
-Dino Soarin'
-Amber Rock Climb

Note: Waterworld is based on the film of the same name, seen at other Universal Studios Parks around the world. It will be covered in another article.

This is the concept art for the entire land:

Jurassic Park River Rapids
Main article here
It is based on the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg. It is a re-imagining of the classic Universal Studios attraction Jurassic Park River adventure, located in the other Universal Studios theme parks around the world. One thing unique about it is that it uses circular rafts rather that boats or log flumes.

Canopy Flyer

This is a version of a Skylift that uses rigid arms and the vehicle is propelled by a mechanism on the track, rather than the original Skylift rides where the whole track moves. It allows the whole family to sit comfortably in the vehicle and have birds' eyes' view of the land while enjoying the breeze.

Dino Soarin'

A theme park classic, a Centrifugal ride, like Dumbo the flying elephant, Astro Orbiter etc. What is different in this ride is that there is a joystick that allows guests to control how high or low the vehicles flies.

Amber Rock Climb

A rock climbing experience for the whole family in a safe environment.

To be continued...

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