Monday, October 26, 2009

Putting Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa into perspective

Well, today I am doing a post on where Universal Studios Singapore is exactly, and putting it into perspective for all of you.

Why am I doing it? I figured out that those of you who don't live in Singapore wouldn't know where Universal Studios Singapore is going to be in and what significance it has for Singapore. So I am set to correct this from this moment onwards.

Universal Studios Singapore is located in Resort world at Sentosa at Sentosa island. So where and what is Sentosa? Sentosa is an island resort, off mainland Singapore, where there are attractions, hotels and sandy beaches for a weekend getaway. Here is the map. Sentosa shown in red.

So next question in your mind is: what is on Sentosa? Well, there are attractions, hotels and sandy beaches. Here is a map of Sentosa:

Click to enlarge.

So where is Universal Studios Singapore located? It is located on the area marked in light green on the map above, called Resort Wort at Sentosa.

So the story about Resort Wort at Sentosa is that it is a Integrated Resort built on the Island by Genting Singapore. It consists of Universal Studios Singapore, a casino, some hotels, and some other attraction. The link to official website here.

Well, I figured out that explaining would only make things more confusing, so here is a map of the Resort World at Sentosa:

So for those of you who think that Universal Studios Singapore is a independent project, it is not.

The blog posts will be continued...

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