Saturday, October 24, 2009

Universal Studios Singapore park layout vs Islands Of Adventure park layout

Today, I will be discussing about the park layout of USS, the similarities with other theme parks and the uniqueness of the layout.

The seven themed lands of USS will encircle a central lagoon. The entrance to the park will be located at the Hollywood themed area. Immediately, when I saw this layout, Universal's Islands of Adventure came into my mind. For those of you who don't know what Islands of Adventure is, it is a theme park built by Universal Studios in Florida.

Here is a map for a side by side comparison:

Islands of Adventure on top, USS on the below.

Well, they are all similar in the sense that they all encircle a lagoon with different lands and rides on the "shores". Also, the entrance are all similar as they are all a single avenue leading into the park.

IOA's entrance above, USS's entrance on the right.

Also, one interesting point to note is that the theme parks both have a Jurassic Park themed land on the opposite side of the lagoon from the entrance, with the Discovery Centre and the main focal point of the whole park.

IOA on top, USS below.

Also, they do have a dueling roller coaster on the top right of the park, adding as a visual icon to draw visitors into the back section of the park.

IOA on top, USS below

Thats all for today, more to come tomorrow.

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