Sunday, October 25, 2009

Universal Studios Singapore park layout vs Island Of Adventure park layout (part 2)

Continuing from yesterday...

There are many similarities between the Universal Studios Singapore and the IOA theme parks, some of them include general layout similarities, ride placement similarities etc.

Today, we will be looking at the similarities of the rides and the lands of Universal Studios Singapore and IOA. (For those who do not know what IOA is, it is a theme park built by Universal Studios in Florida.)

The general layout of both IOA and Universal Studios Singapore are all in the shape of the themed lands circling the lagoon, with a looping walkway connecting the lands, rather than a immersive "walk-in-and-disappear-into-the-back-alleys-and-sidewalks" layout of most of the disney theme parks. This layout of Universal Studios Singapore and IOA provides some advantages and some disadvantages.

IOA on top, USS below

The advantage is that you will never get lost in this setting, as you are always guides by the lagoon and walking in a loop around it. It also provides a open space in the middle of the park for people to be physically separated in different lands, but able to see what is happening in other lands. The central lagoon also provides a platform for a night time spectacular if Universal Studios Singapore chooses to have one.

But however, it also provides some disadvantages. Firstly, the lands are all located very close to each other, and there is no theming elements to conceal one land from the other. For example, it is possible to see the Sci-fi city with the Battlestar Galactica Coaster right by the side of an Ancient Egyptian temple in Universal Studios Singapore.

Ancient Egypt on the left, Sci fi city on the right.

Also, it is impossible to have a immersive experience in this layout as the lands are just a central street with buildings at the side, and you are going to walk right through the land, without getting swallowed into the land and linger in the land.

For example, in the Ancient Egypt land in Universal Studios Singapore, it is just simply a walkway connecting the Lost world land to the Sci fi city, walking right by a ancient Egyptian facade, and that's about it for that land, with no side walkways or areas concealed from the main walkway for people to explore.

Also, the Jurassic Park land in both theme parks are also similar in the rides and the layout, with both of them having a river ride, and childern's play area and a recreated Discovery Center from the movies.

IOA on top, USS below.

The lands of Universal Studios Singapore and IOA pare also similar. Let me draw the parallels:

  • Hollywood-Entrance == Port of Entry-Entrance
  • Sci fi city-Action movie based land == Super hero island-Action movie based land
  • Far far away-Children oriented land == Toon lagoon-Children Oriented land
  • Lost World-Jurassic Park Land == Jurassic Park-Jurassic Park Land
  • Far Far Away-Childern oriented land == Suess Landing-Children oriented land
  • Ancient Egypt-Myth/history based land == Lost Continent-Myth/history based land

Thats about it. More posts to come!

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