Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review of my visit to Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore's newest and most exciting development, is open, and the casino and Universal Studios Singapore will open tomorrow for preview.

In order to get the preview tickets, guests would have to go down to RWS personally to purchase the tickets at the ticket booths in front of the Universal Studios Singapore entrance. So I made my way down to RWS to buy 2 tickets for the preview. (Note: All preview tickets have sold out)

I made my way to Sentosa using the Sentosa express, a monorail connecting Sentosa island to mainland Singapore. The admission price to Sentosa is S$3 per person.

While on the monorail, I took a few pictures of RWS. I think that the journey from the mainland to Sentosa really builds our anticipation and excitement. When I caught the first a glimpse of the Shrek's castle, I do feel something in my eye.

The monorail station is right in the heart of Resorts World Sentosa.

It leads straight into the shopping and entertainment area of Resorts World, an area called Festive Walk. Festive Walk is further divided into 3 areas, the Bull Ring-which is the entrance plaza to Universal Studios Singapore, the Forum-a retail and dining walkway leading into the casino, and Waterfront(Currently under construction)-a dining and shopping area at the waterfront, facing the mainland.

Festive Walk led straight into the entrance area for USS and when I first saw the globe, I was awed by the scale and the magnificence of the globe, and this hulk of metal is actually rotating. The background music was also playing, and it added to the ambience of the area.

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the service and the general staff of Resorts World Sentosa. The staff was really friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, and the adjectives goes on and on. The staff was also very efficient, and I got my preview tickets with no wait. I think the the staff of RWS really made this place stand out as the premier integrated resort in SEA. I hope to see this continue through the years, and improve along the way.

The entrance to Universal Studios Singapore is marked by a archway.

The sign outside Universal Studios reads: Unavailable Attractions- Madascar A crate Adventure and Stage 28. I believe that these are the 2 attractions that could not make it for the opening day.

After that, I went back to festive walk, and in the middle of festive walk sits a huge fountain called the lake of dreams. It will come alive every night with spectacular lights and lazer show.

That pretty sums up my visit to Resort World Sentosa. I will be back with more photos and reviews after visiting the Preview for Universal Studios Singapore. Till then, see ya'!


  1. Hi Yilun,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for keeping a blog regarding the USS in Singapore. It is a huge source of information for people like me who is not living in Singapore but already booked a holiday to Singapore. I would like to ask you if you know how people like me who is staying overseas to get a ticket reservation? I have emailed USS directly but still waiting on their response. I might get a faster response from you.

    Once again, thank you so much for all the information and would really like to let you know that your blog is helping people like me. I'm glad that I've come across your blog when I was checking Wiki.

    Take care.

  2. Hello.

    Basically, USS has not opened. The tickets mentioned in this post are preview tickets, which means none of the rides and shows are open, and it is only for this week. All the preview tickets have been sold out.

    As for the actual opening date, it has not been announced. We are still waiting for Resorts World Sentosa to announce the dates, and after that, I believe that you can book online.

  3. Hi Yilun,

    Thank you so much for your response. I shall wait on any update regarding the USS in your blog. Much appreciated. Take care.

  4. My friends went to Resort World Sentosa in January. They said they loved it but the ticket is quite expensive.