Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thoughts on Maritime Museum

This museum is probably as dull and as bland as the review of it, with a general lack of content, lots of cheap displays, lack of depth, and a narrow focus.

The coverage of the galleries is limited, showcasing only Cheng Ho and the Arabian Dwoh. The collection is also small, with a few salvaged pieces of the shipwrecked Dowh, while the rest of the collection is being thrown back and forth between the Smithsonian and the academics. Perhaps it should be renamed the Cheng Ho and Jewel of Muscat museum?

The preshow is decently uninteresting, with limited CGI, and some nice animatronics. Furthermore, the entire preshow is in Chinese. It is also just a show about Cheng Ho, and not about maritime in general. The CGI there looks uncomfortably old and stiff, with rough renderings and unnatural colors and shades.

The Cheng Ho gallery is also small, short and uninteresting. On display for each port of call are small items found there, a small collage of pictures, and nothing else. Even the interactive stations are childish, limited and boring.

Of course, the museum is an architectural gem, with soaring arches and high ceilings, as well as huge panels of glass walls that lets light in. It is also a welcomed escape from the heat of Singapore, and the $5 dollar basic entry fee is reasonable for the quality of the exhibits.

This museum leaves guests wondering - Did they run out of budget, or do they only care for the casino?

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